Our Team

Egor Klebnikov

Founder and Chairman of The GETBERG Group

Chairman and founder of The GETBERG Group, with a background in commercial/ luxury residential and development real estate sectors. Egor is an innovative entrepreneur renowned for his leadership and vision. He has led the development of the firm’s domestic and international acquisition program. Through integrity, Egor works with a number of local, national and international clientele specializing in identifying suitable sites for profitable and high profile developments.

Artem Iaroshevskyi

Operations Director

Artem leads the annual budget and forecasting process for commercial operations, which includes working with the various departments in operations on their key program and spending plans.
Artem has developed a strong understanding of all key performance drivers and issues relating to budget, forecast, and actual results. Artem received a B.A in Fine arts in 2010, and later his master’s degree from the University of Finance and Administration in Prague. He is fluent in Russian, English and Czech.

Kamil Dunaj

Development Director

Kamil has over 18 years of experience in the global construction industry with extensive commercial and residential project portfolios, managing large and complex multi-use developments and working on some iconic projects with world leading architects such as Foster + Partners, Jean Nouvel and Frank O. Gehry. Kamil executed his role as Lead Architect/Project Coordinator for Lusail City – the largest and technically most challenging single development to be undertaken in the State of Qatar. In his role as Project/Design Manager at GETBERG, Kamil fosters an environment of teamwork and ensures that strategy is clearly defined while overseeing performance. Kamil received a master’s degree in Architecture from The Technical University in Kosice, Slovakia in 2001. He is fluent in Slovak, Czech, and English.

Přemysl Váňa

Sales Manager

Přemysl has been involved in real estate for many years, as evidenced by an overview of his experience. These include financial management of development projects, investment analysis and valuation, as well as financing of projects in the post development phase of projects and property management. Přemysl participated in the preparation of the Palladium Prague and EUROVEA projects in Bratislava, and previously worked for the development companies Ballymore Properties and European Property Development.

Milan Vosáhlo

Project & Construction Advisor

With technical education and more than 25 years of experience in investment engineering, Milan has extensive experience in planning and managing multi-purpose construction and technology projects. He is the lead concept maker and therefore works with executives to evaluate opportunities, facilitate strategic decisions, and successfully implement implementations. He also manages a wide range of projects within companies such as Eurotel, Siemens and Cimex.

Iana Nurtdinova

Head of Administration

Iana is a results-driven assistant with extensive experience in sales/logistics management and administrative support. Her mediation, negotiation, and listening skills make a difference in the lives of her colleagues and the people she works with. Prior to joining GETBERG, she was the manager of The Sales Logistic Department, as well as the assistant to The Sales Department for Ostrov complete s.r.o. A production company, one of the largest European manufacturers of complete refrigeration equipment. Iana received her master’s degree in Business Management and Corporate Finance from The University of Finance and Administration in Prague. She is fluent in Russian, English, and Czech.

Darya Prakapovich

Head of Compliance & Client Services

Serving as a link between GETBERG’s business management department and clients, Darya plays an integral role in business communications responding to client inquiries and guiding them through the purchasing process. Darya’s previous professional experience includes 4 years at Czech construction company PSJ, a.s., providing administrative support to project management on projects such as The Main Point Pankrác administration building in Prague, The SYRA 4 project – in Köping, Sweden, as well as the new terminal for passenger transport at The Strigino Airport in Nizhny Novgorod. Darya graduated in 2014 with a master’s degree in Business Management and Corporate Finance at The University of Finance and Administration. She is fluent in English, Russian, and Czech.

Joto Chelidze

IT Administrator

With a background in network system administration, Joto manages all the servers, network equipment and any other IT infrastructure for The GETBERG Group. Joto received his Google Nano Degree in Android App development from VSFS Business Management and Corporate Finance in Prague. He is fluent in English, Russian, and Czech.

Ruslan Lyulko

Head of Sales

Ruslan prides himself on professionalism, through GETBERG‘s high-quality projects he‘s helped his international network of clients find high-quality investment products. Prior to joining GETBERG Ruslan opened international partner and client networks as a business development manager for one of the largest software developers in Europe and has a track record for moving quickly on opportunities, executing efficiently on strategy, and delivering to his network superior financial performance to investors. Ruslan received his B.A. in law administration from BIVS University of Banking in Prague. He is fluent in Russian, English, and Czech.

Igor Nikonov

Finance Controller

Igor took the opportunity of a lifetime by joining a fast-growing international company to be in the center of it all. He sees his new role as an excellent chance to grow into a financial expert with excellent knowledge of international accounting and finance. Prior to joining GETBERG, Igor was The Financial Advisor for OVB Allfinanz from 2012-2014. Today Nikonov continues his studies through The University of Financial Administration, Business Management, and Corporate Finance in Prague. He is fluent in Russian, English and Czech.

Kirill Alexejev

Sales Manager

Kirill’s values ensure he is always looking out for his clients best interests as he measures his personal success only by the amount which he has helped his clients achieve success in various industries. Kirill has years of leadership experience, guiding top-tier companies and individuals in their real estate endeavors. He specializes in building global relationships with corporate leaders. As an accomplished real estate broker, his vision and expertise in real estate have driven notable growth and income for clients in retail, technology, and real estate sectors. Kirill is a holder of a Law degree from Charles University in Prague, as well as a degree of Legal Administration from BIVŠ in Prague. He is fluent in Russian, English, and Czech.

Sofia Sekelova

Sales Manager

Sofia joined our international team with the experience gained at Brookfield Residential, one of the largest development firms in North America. The Canadian Home Builders’ Association awarded it with a sales volume award. She developed her positive attitude to real estate during her studies at the University of Alberta, where Sofia studied interior design. She has completed her studies at Paneuropean University in Economics and Business and at GETBERG she will help you to find the key to your dreams.

Adam Frýzek

Sales Manager

An integral part of the GETBERG team, who is here for all who are looking for the key to their dreams, is Adam Frýzek. In his current position in the company, he has the task of guiding all clients through the process of finding a new and the best home. Due to his previous work experience, which was a technical focus for companies like MK machinery s.r.o. or Atex s.r.o., Adam excels in communication, logistics and technical issues.

Olga Sirotkina

Investment Manager

With a background in business and finance, Olga believes strongly that she has an obligation to genuinely care for her clients, and with each phone call and office visit, Olga’s large network of satisfied business partners and clients across Central Europe and Russia are reminded that she is truly dedicated to their success. Olga received her degree in banking correspondence from The University of Finance and Administration in Prague. She is fluent in English, Russian, and Czech.

Grigory Androsov

Visual/Digital Designer

Grigory stand behind all the visualizations of Getberg. After experience from Czech Miss, Premium Fashion Brands and FashionTV Czech & Slovak, Grigory now creates graphic content for GETBERG, both videos and pictures and 3D visualizations. He has completed his studies at an art school and countless painting courses. His previous achievements include creating viral instagram videos or 3D visualization and animation for the escape game Questroom.cz. He is fluent in Czech, English and Russian.

Harun Tekin

IT Admin

GETBERGs website developer, Harun, has gained experience mainly in the United States, Turkey and Prague as well as during his studies at Commerce University in Istanbul. But as he says education is a lifelong process, he likes to spend his free time studying, reading or watching documents. He was part of teams in Speed ​​Outsourcing Ltd. or Dogus Kalip Linear Motion Technology. He is fluent in Turkish and English.

Václav Němeček

Graphic Designer

The current graphic identity of GETBERG is based on Václav Němeček, who likes to speak of himself as a graphic magician. During his life he had the opportunity to change many professions, it is worth mentioning cooperation with the Slevomat portal, where he worked his way up to the position of the main graphic designer. Notable, that some of Václav’s works were part of the Czech Design Week exhibition. In his free time as an enthusiastic traveler he explores new places and cultures. He is fluent in Czech, Slovak and English.

Martina Sabolova


Viktor Gorozhanin

Operations Assistant


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